Great Things Caribbean Network Ltd.

GT Network is a media company showcasing the Caribbean (and Diaspora) through television series, short films, feature films, reality series, and documentaries.

About Us


Established in 2017 by a group of creatives, GT Network sat out to fulfill one goal of giving a platform for Caribbean Creatives to showcase themselves.

What We Do

We produce original content for television, films, and online content for our platform. We also do private contracted work for other platforms to do content for their platform. Lastly we training personnel to fulfil roles within the industry.


We wish to develop, sustain an ecosystem centered around film, television, and culture within the Caribbean, that is recognized globally.


Online Platform and Channel

GT Network

GT Network is a platform that aggrandizes creative minds. Broadcasting throughout the Caribbean, United States, and Canada. GT Caribbean Network's reputation has been built on going out of our way to provide truly exceptional productions. We strive to understand our market, always ready to adapt to our environment. For more information contact us.

Content Distributor

We can find a space for you

We are always excited to distrbute, and promote your content to a targeted audience for their consumption through various channels and media formats. For more information contact us.

Film Production Company

We can you bring things to life

Experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with GT Caribbean Network. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service. For more information contact us.