Levi is trapped between two worlds where he struggles to tell the difference. He meets a woman that can assist him with a way out of it but there is a twist of events that keeps himĀ thereĀ forever.
Stephen Prince | Sarah Prince | Ella Romain | Alana Natasha Milford


The Story of Acuna, is one of a warrior of Capernaum fallen from grace during the Capernaum Civil War. Acuna found herself stranded on the Planet V-En. The Story follows her survival in this hostile planet giving a glimpse in her memories and decisions from the past that still haunts her.
Jenelle Karamath | Jumael James | Charli Griffith | Nicholas Ali Bocus

That Love

A couple's long distance relationship is put to the test, through some very desirable circumstances.
Chayann Rogers | Brian Mahabir | Chryshelle Williams | Ricardo Lopez | Kaychelle Padmore | Abiodun Mc Leod

The Justice Strangler

For some time, the public persona known as "The Justice Strangler" has been on a rampage fulfilling unquenched desires. However plans soon take an unexpected momentary detour.
Ricardo Lopez | Chryshelle Williams | Directed by Emma

Breakout Room

The semester has begun and Kiran's lecturer decides to split the class into trios for their semester-long computer programming project. Kiran is paired with his bff Miranda and a snobby newcomer, Midas. What started off as mutual hatred slowly turns into something beautiful.
Jayson Jaskeran | Kiran Castille | Midas Jager


A suspense drama involving a young man grappling with the loss of his girlfriend. Disclaimer: There are Audio issues in this film
Marcus Gonzalez| Chayann Rogers | Dara Woods | Dane-Joel Gittens | Ricardo Lopez

Amerindian Short Film: Kalinago

Directed and produced by Ancil Harris. Written by Andrew Joseph. Narration by Rodnell Gulston. Music by Chenko Production.
Marcus Gonzalez| Chayann Rogers | Dara Woods | Dane-Joel Gittens | Ricardo Lopez


From the Ville Ventures Universe, GT Network Presents an introduction into the world created by Ancil Harris. Magnolia, a story about a teenage girl who grapples with learning to control her gift of telekenesis.

Art of Wining

A documentary about the Dance Art Form known as Wining. The production breaks down the history, the transition of the dance into Carnival celebrations within the Caribbean. Also it investigates the way it is perceived, the way it is done and its influence. Featuring Mindy Giles, La Shaun Prescott, Priscilla Gueverra, Luna, and Ula Fryc. Directed by The Seventh Traveller. Director - Andrew Joseph